First of all 1) suck all the dicks of the world. 2) this is a terrible piece of writing.. you actually ARE just saying "fuck everything". sorry you are such a colossal idiot that this is the only reason you can be published on the internet. Are you from the most amazing city on earth??? please tell me where it is!!! because guaranteed if it is LA or NYC seriously FUCK YOU. you are a pathetic piece of shit and should roast in hell. *~*boston born native that is GUARANTEED smarter, funnier, hotter and GOING PLACES, not doomed to writing fluff pieces like "fuck boston." seriously you are such a goddamn asshat. What the hell is your problem? you have a vendetta against some hot smart girl who dumped your disgusting ass in boston. bye loser

» 10/31/13 8:18pm 10/31/13 8:18pm